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Loosely based on the fuzz face circuit with the addition of an 8-position frequency selector. It is a hybrid. Up front, it has a Germanium transistor (40 years old) for smooth clipping and followed by a high HFE silicon transistor for power. It is an exceptionally loud pedal. You can use it on any amp and it certainly will work well with any Marshall plexi-amp, or a Vox as well. This is the first fuzz pedal on the market that gives you that kind of flexibility. The best way to describe it is to listen to the clips th

As for the updates on the 2.0 version (CURRENT):

I now use a linear pot for a fuzz pot rather than an audio pot.
I realised that the full sustain did not come on until the knob was at 85% but the advantage of that was that you could set up the pedal below unity gain, which you could not do with the audio pot.

I also changed the hybrid transistor to give you a more solid and powerful system.The reason I did that was that most of my pedals were so strong that many customers were expecting all the pedals to jump at them. 
The Afro Fuzz which is designed using some of the principles of the Fuzz Face was not as loud, so I made it louder.
These are true bypass and have an insert for a 9-volt wall wart (CENTER NEGATIVE) and have an LED as well for instant recognition.

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